Belle Chasse Academy has a very special music department with many components that meet the needs of all students, K – 8th grade. Kindergarten through 4th grade begin to learn basic music nomenclature as well as pitch matching while singing some of there favorite age appropriate songs in Elementary Music. All 5th graders will take recorder for one quarter before moving on to middle school.  Student begin reading basic melodies while playing an instrument in this class.  This is crucial to transitioning into the next level. Once students advance to the 6th grade, they will have a choice of many enrichments.  If they decide to participate in music, their choices will be Piano, String Orchestra, Concert Band, or Drumline.
Piano class is a great way to get started in learning the basic aspects of music as well as become proficient on a great instrument. This class is usually taken for one quarter.
Our school’s String Orchestra is a very popular avenue, and can be taken as a beginner then eventually placed into the advanced class that performs regularly for school events and recitals. This enrichment is typically taken for all four quarters. The Concert Band is one of our newest editions, beginning only four years ago.  This class includes wind and concert percussion instruments. This enrichment is typically taken for all four quarters.  This group performs regularly for school events, and recitals as well. Lastly, the Eagle Drumline is another option that is typically taken for all four quarters. Students in this class learn to play marching percussion. Combined with the concert band, this group performs for school events, recitals, pep rallies, and march in local Mardi Gras parades each year.